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Web & App Development from Vienna, Austria.

Django, Python, iOS and Android

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We are Bernhard, Thomas and Luis— a well-practised team of experts offering highly personalized IT services, right from Vienna, Austria.

With Simpleloop our goal is to make expert-level IT skills directly accessible to you. No managers involved, no hidden costs attached.

We are specialized in implementing web applications which support new business cases, or simplify complex business processes.

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Web Development

Behind every company is a powerful infrastructure. Your CRM, your Emails, your Speadsheets. Why should access be limited to your office then? New solutions don’t just run there, they are accessible anywhere—through your browser.
We build these infrastructures and the browser-based solutions ourselves. For our apps, for your convenience.
Let’s take your business global and mobile.

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Mobile App Development

The world is mobile. People love their phones. What about fully integrating your company into this new world? Get your team updated on internal processes in a matter of milliseconds. A closed deal? A changed transport route? Apps help your employees stay on top of everything.
Reducing emails and increasing information flow.

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We are proud to present a long list of satisfied customers and startups we supported in building up and growing their businesses. See how we've helped so far


We at Simpleloop love to work with Open Source Technologies. Many of our projects are based on Python & Django which have proven to be a mature, well-tested and stable solutions for a lot of web applications. On the front-end side ReactJS is our first choice at the moment, while for data storage and analytics we have a lot of experience working with Postgresql and Elasticsearch. We deploy your projects either on your own server or in the cloud, using tools and platforms like Docker and Amazon Web Services.

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Vienna, Austria
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