Outstanding Quality

About Simpleloop

This company has been founded by three ambitious guys, with a keen interest in innovation, technology, startups, business processes and business development. We are able to translate and connect different realities - the digital, the physical, and the business world.

We are the guys who want to connect these realities, with the goal to bring them closer together.

We live and breath at the intersection of the real and the digital world:
  • We help you to innovate in order to keep up with the digital transformation
  • We bring design and usability back to business and industry IT
  • We translate between IT and business
  • We develop software that solves or simplifies real problems
Thomas Kremmel, Mag.

Managing Director

Project Management, Software Engineering, Business Development
Bernhard Vallant

Head of Engineering

Software Engineering, CTO Web
Luis Nell, BSc.

Head of Mobile Development

Software Engineering, Marketing