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Cost and Time Tracking Software

For a consulting company in Vienna we have build an application that helps them to execute their cost- and time tracking processes. We replaced a cumbersome, Microsoft Excel and Access based approach with a web based state-of-the-art application. The application supports the consultants to easily track their time, wherever they are and on the go via a web application. The back office can easily access the tracked time, and generate an invoice based upon the data.

The management is able to easily see remaining budgets, cash flow, and has access to a variety of reports. Additionally the application converts expenses, tracked in a foreign currency, into EUR using daily currency rates which we automatically fetch every day from

"The application really helps us to run our business. Our ‘tracked-time-to-money’ was really painful. Simpleloop helped us to streamline this process and provided us with an easy-to-use application. The application allows us to focus on the important things. Our customers and our projects!"
CEO, Consulting Company
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