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WLAN Walkie Talkie

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Your team communication over WiFi

The realtime intercom and walkie-talkie software without internet. Best team communication for restaurant, hotel, event, sport and retail stores. U.S. Patent pending.

What was deemed too complicated by some developers, we made possible. Most existing technologies in that space did not work the way the founders wanted. They were not in realtime. We were the first ones to create a system where you can talk to people in the same Wifi network as you are, without ever going out over the Internet. This was critical for security, speed and audio quality.

LINEAPP is free for up to 3 people, additional functions can be bought in-app. Businesses can buy bulk licenses via a booking platform, which we also built from the ground up (payment, invoicing, VAT checks, CRM).

"Simpleloop gave us a head start into the Software world. LINEAPP is our core product and to this day Simpleloop helps us make the right technical decisions to continuously innovate and improve our product. They were the first ones to say “yes” to our crazy idea of transmitting Voice within the same Wifi."
Alexander Kränkl, CEO, LINEAPP GmbH
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