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Digital Publishing Platform

The Viennese company alice interactive is crafting digital publications. When starting to develop their publication solution pagestrip we assisted them in developing a very early prototype of their Javascript-based frontend (known as “the player”) as well as in building their web-based platform — starting with a prototype to evaluate the minimum needs up to the actual version.

With pagestrip you can publish from a digital publishing editor directly to the web. Our main part consisted of developing the application that drives the web platform, designing the used API and setting up the infrastructure (based on the AWS cloud). Furthermore we are happy to deliver a native iOS application soon, which should guarantee the best reading experience on iOS devices. Storing the publications in the best suitable way in the cloud, designing and implementing an API for the Editor, integrating a payment solution, and building a scalable infrastructure have been some challenges we solved for our client.

"Reliable, deep technical knowledge, independent and challenging the status quo. I can fully recommend Simpleloop for any early stage startup!"
Georg Kaindl, CTO, alice Interactive GmbH
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