Our Services

Software Development

We offer custom software development, creating tailor-made software that supports your business case. Be it an internal project, or a project for one of your customers. Be it a web app, a mobile app, or an API to power your business.

Project Support

Being on-site can be a key factor for an IT project’s success. Frequent, personal, alignments between the project owners and the developers are important. We know that from experience. That’s why we offer on-site work and staffing for your IT project.

Hosting & Operations Support

We offer hosting of web applications, APIs, and backends which we have developed. We also support you in your day-to-day operations, making sure that all services are always up-and-running.

Deployment Process, DevOps, AWS & Docker Consulting

We are happy to share the knowledge we gathered over the years. When it comes to operations we are especially experienced with deployment processes, DevOps tools (Ansible, Saltstack), containerization (Docker), and the extremely powerful Amazon Web Services.

Knowledge Creation

We believe in working TOGETHER and to empower your co-workers. To learn from each other, and sharing our knowledge is one of our main goals. We offer trainings, and especially believe in learning by doing. Therefore we make our hands dirty with your co-workers, and help them to grow their knowledge.

Project Management

Do you have an IT project at hand? Software is hard and messy. We experience this first hand, every single day. Why do this alone? We are happy to share our expertise and support you in running your IT project - the agile way!