Use Cases

Intranet Web Application

Tailored to your business needs, an intranet web application helps you to execute your business processes. What has been done in the past with Excel, Access or older database systems, can now be achieved with a web app accessible via your browser, running in your Intranet.

Web Application

Improve your work processes with your co-workers, customers and suppliers. Web Apps are great to organize data, get instant access to data created by someone else and to work together. Web Apps can be accessed from everywhere, using a web browser and secured by a login form.

Databases and Migrations

When hand-crafted Excel-Sheets and databases are not enough, your business needs to think further. A database tailored to your business needs can greatly improve your processes. A database makes your data available to you when you need it. Organized and structured in a central place.

API (Data Interfaces)

An API makes your data available to other software systems via a defined, and secured interface. APIs can be used to allow your mobile app to store or get data from your database, to transfer data from system A to system B, or to even allow the public to access specific data.

Mobile Apps for your Co-Workers

With apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android you can greatly improve your internal communication. Imagine your co-workers accessing data from your databases in real-time on their smartphones, getting push-notifications when something important happens. Limitless use cases are possible.

Search and Visualization

Processing and storing big amounts of data is one of the requirements of a modern business. Access to this data, and not lossing the overview is one of the challenges coming with big data. We master the necessary technologies to process, visualize, and search within these data blocks.

Big Data Analytics

Make sense out of your data! Our technology allows us to integrate various data sources into one database, visualizing and presenting them via a beautiful web interface, ready to be analysed by your experts.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is probably one of hottest buzz-words currently out there in the IT industry. Anyhow - we have the technology to connect the real world with the digital world, and are ready to help out in realizing your IoT use-case.


You need data from the web? We can help by creating a Web-Crawler that automatically collects data from websites. Web-crawler can collect data like number of items in a web-shop, or can collect data from public web-sites and transfer it to your database.