We are a software engineering company, building digital products for the web. Developing state-of-the-art websites and web applications for more or less complicated business requirements is our mission.

  • Research & Concept

    Building software is hard. We are here to cut out the complexity from this process, helping you to realize your idea - from first concept to finished prototype.

  • UI & UX Design

    Interfaces should not only look good - they should feel intuitive and make the lives of your users easier by anticipating their needs. That’s why we make sure that your product fulfills the highest standards of usability and design.

  • Software Engineering

    We strive for quality over quantity. Our team of senior experts have already seen the common mistakes you’re going to run into, and know how to avoid them. Expect bug free software, industry-leading best practices, and a future proof architecture built on open source technology.

  • Infrastructure & Cloud Services

    We host our software either on dedicated servers or in the cloud. We’ll find the right home for your project, and are there 24/7 to make sure operations are running smoothly. It only takes minutes for our team to head out and fix an issue on our infrastructure.

  • Testing, Support & Maintenance

    We write code that tests our code. Sounds crazy? Believe us, it’s not. Unit testing ensures that everything does what it’s expected to do, and changes do not have unintended consequences. This enables us to deliver solid, high quality software.

    Long term commitments are our main business. We are here for our customers, providing support and maintenance on a daily basis.

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